Pantoprazole Sodium Enteric-Coatded Tablets

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Product Information

  • Dosage Form:Injection
  • Route of Administration:Oral
  • Shelf Life:2 years
  • Storage:Sealed


Specification] 40mg * 7 / case 40mg * 14 / box

[indications] apply to active peptic ulcers (stomach and duodenal ulcers), reflux esophagitis

[usage] duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and reflux esophagitis, take one tablet every morning. The course of duodenal ulcer is usually 2-4 weeks. The course of peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis is usually 4-8 weeks.

[validity] 24 months

[product introduction]

Pantoprazole Sodium Enteric-Coatded Tablets is a new proton pump inhibitor. In 1994, it was successfully developed by BykGulden pharmaceutical company of Germany. In the same year, our company began to research and develop. In 1998, the raw materials and tablets were successfully listed. In 1999, the injection of freeze-dried powder injection was launched. Proton pump inhibitors are recognized as the best drugs to date in the treatment of acid related diseases. And pantoprazole in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics has the superiority of proton pump inhibitors can not be compared with the first two schools, the Beijing 301 Hospital and many other hospitals clinical experiments show that: pantoprazole in Shanghai clinical curative effect is obviously superior to omeprazole and ranitidine antacid.

Function characteristics:

1, the specificity of the role in the gastric mucosal wall cells, and H+, K+-ATP enzyme effective site combination, to prevent H+ pump out, thereby inhibiting gastric acid secretion.

2 、 bioavailability is high, the bioavailability of single dose is higher than omeprazole more than once.

3 、 the binding site with H+ and K+-ATP enzymes is more accurate and selective, so the therapeutic effect is high and the effect is quick.

4, it does not affect the activity of cytochrome P450 enzyme, and does not affect the metabolism of other drugs. The inhibition of P450 and omeprazole, lansoprazole affect the metabolism of other drugs.

* more product information, please refer to the drug instructions

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